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Dallet Band - Rock and Folking Roll

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the Dallet Band combines high energy Rock and Americana with lyrically driven Roots and Folk music. With a diverse array of American musical influences, the Dallet band engages audiences with a variety of soulful original music and established American classics.

The Dallet Band consistently puts on a great show every time they take the stage.

The band consists of Brian Bodley on drums, Scott Holland on lead guitar, Jon Von on bass, and led by Jeffrey Dallet on harmonica and guitar. 

Jeffrey has won awards for his songwriting, winning an Akedamia best folk song award for his song “Gypsy Jewel”, and winning a best song contest in the Colorado Music Business Award for his songs “Odd Ball Blues” and “Mile High Lament.” Dallet’s myriad life experiences have all contributed to his unique style of songwriting which blends storytelling, social commentary, and lost love.

Brand New Release: Electric Judas EP

Dallet Band - Electric Judas Disc Cover
EP Release Date: October 30th, 2020
Artist: Dallet Band
Title: Electric Judas
Availability on all significant streaming platforms including:
Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc. etc.
Just Look for “Electric Judas by Dallet Band.
Physical copes are available at our shows on a “Name Your Own Price” basis. (If and when we can ever get past these tiresome pandemic musical obstacles) 
Back in the social and political unrest of the 1960s there lived a man. and this man held in his arms a six stringed instrument. He plunked out tunes on this six string instrument and paired them with words. These words were quite interesting. They were so exotic and erotic that people lauded him. THey said he was the voice of the generation. He responded by taking a plug and sitcking it into a hole in box. This box emitted electric sounds. Electric sounds that grated upon the people’s ears and they became furious. They hurled insults at him including terms like JUDAS they screamed! “JUDAS! JUDAS! JUDAS!” to which he replied in perhaps an altered state: “I don’t believe you…”
More information on the infamous “JUDAS” Bob Dylan Concert:

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