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The Dallet Band is quintessential Americana, an unvarnished musical expression of hope, heartache, failure, and love. It is roots, rock, folk and blues. It is imperfect music for imperfect people performed in the dark and dusty cathedral of the American dream. It is more than the sum of its parts.

The band’s beating heart is Jeffrey Dallet, a talented songwriter with a shifty grin and a wicked sense of humor. Don’t let his scruffy underdog looks fool you, he is a formidable talent as a lyricist, composer and performer. In his formative years he immersed himself in the works of American masters like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Waits, but has since developed his own unique voice as a songwriter.

Jeff is extremely passionate about people, places, their stories and the human condition in all its forms. This comes out through lyrics that are at once poetic, insightful, harrowing and humorous.

Surrounding Jeff are three crafty musical veterans: Brian Bodley on drums and percussion, Scott Holland on lead guitar and JonVon Colorado on bass and keys. Together they make a band that Donald Duck Dunn would say is “powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline.”

Seeing the Dallet Band is always a treat, and we encourage you to come join our story if you get the chance. You’ll be glad you did. We’ll put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

Who the Heck is the Dallet Band
Jeffrey Dallet

Jeffrey Dallet

"El Jefe"

Jeff is the hardest working man in public broadcasting. Jeff is the motherfolking man. Jeffrey ROCKS in a very literal, manly and legally binding way.
He is our leader and our captain: the BOSS. He went 12 full rounds with Bruce Springsteen and only lost a spleen. Tom Waits performed his Bris. He’s got Bob Dylan on Speed Dial (not that Bobby ever answers the phone).
He may be a slave driver and fine us when we miss our cues, but he writes great songs and is the best front man in the Mile High City by a mile…. So, the best by like at least two miles…
Jon Von (Jones)

Jon Von (Jones)

BassMaster & Carnie for Christ

Jon Von is a bass demigod. He was raised by a traveling cult of evangelistic puppeteers. Stages all over the globe have been stained with his sweat. He is a born performer.
Not much is known about the lost years of Jon Von after age 12, but at age 30 he reappeared as the leader of the band Soul Rabbit and began baptising the world in funk. At age 33 he sacrificed his very soul on the altar of the groove. The force of his mighty thumb will make disciples of all who dare enter the church of his vibration. Let us pray…
Scott Holland

Scott Holland

6 String Samurai

Scott Holland is one Baaaaad Mutha (shut-cho-mouth!) He is dead cold precision with an axe in his hands. Scott’s weapon choice is a Strat or a Tele screaming through the red hot tubes like a katana through a scale model of the Taj Mahal made out of butter. Scott’s fingers bleed pure rock and roll.
Some degenerate robot has hacked Scott’s Facebook page so don’t even think about trying to contact him there. It you get a message from Scott be careful, Vladimir Putin himself has taken over the account just to make himself appear as dangerous as Scott is with a guitar in his hands.
Brian "The Bod" Bodley

Brian "The Bod" Bodley

Rhythmic Destruction

The Bodley Frikkin’ Bangs, man. He hits the skins like a 6 foot gravity bong. He is a force to be reckoned with and yet his timing is always impeccable. His versatility is unchallenged. Along with JonVon on bass, the Dallet Band has a rhythm section that James Brown, Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix would KILL for.
Not only is Brian a one man wrecking crew like Charles Bronson in Mr. Majestyk, he has the body of a Bolivian supermodel and the flexibility of a 12 year old Mongolian acrobat. He truly is our man for all seasons.
Acid Tongue Album Cover

Acid Tongue

Acid tongue marks a significant evolution in the sound of the Dallet Band and as always, Jeff’s songs are witty, lyrical, sad, poetic and as deep as a real Chicago pizza. The Dallet Band signature sound continues to grow and evolve with the influence of visionary producer Jon VonFunk.

When Jeffrey Dallet’s songs are add to the mixture of the rock steady drumming of Brian Bodley, the wailing guitar stylings of Scott Holland, and VonFunk’s bass thumping thumbs and ivory tickling digits, the get an album that goes far beyond the pale. This is a classic album of songs that just needs to be purchased in vinyl and spun on your very best turntable from front to back, a throwback vinyl journey.

Now available on all digital streaming platforms.

VINYL will be available SOON for purchase online, at Dallet Band shows, and at select Denver Area record stores.

Electric Judas EP

In 2020 the pandemic severely limited live music performances. The silver lining to that cloud is that it was a very productive year in the studio for the Dallet Band. The Electric Judas EP is the first release from those 2020 recordings.

The title “Electric Judas” is a reference to the famous Bob Dylan concert where the audience was angry with him for playing the electric guitar and shouting “Judas” at him. The album’s featured all-acoustic track “Song to Bobby” is a tribute song to Bob Dylan written by Jeff about Dylan’s transition from acoustic to electric.

Much like Dylan’s evolution, the Electric Judas EP grows from folky acoustic to hard rock, blues and back again. It is just a taste of the varied musical styles the Dallet Band explores.

Mile High Lament

Mile High Lament is a single released in 2019 that represents a watershed moment in the evolution of the Dallet Band. It is a catchy high-energy track of biting social commentary that perfectly defines the Dallet Band’s brand of progressive folk and roll.

As the Dallet Band is formed of mostly Colorado Natives and Semi-Natives, the band members all remember a less hectic and crowded time in the history of the Mile High City. We have seen the state change from a mountain man’s haven of affordable housing, skiing and mostly gridlock-free streets, to a millennial clusterfuck of epic proportions. The song is about the loss of the city and culture we grew up in to the forces of corporate greed and profiteering. We have watched Colorado’s state bird change from the lark bunting to the iron crane before our eyes, and sometimes we yearn for simpler and less crowded times.

Abnormal Oddities EP

With the 2018 release of the Abnormal Oddities EP, Jeffrey Dallet combines several classic genres to breed a sound all his own.  Representing a collection of multiple recording sessions and musicians from the span of several years, Abnormal Oddities is a diverse effort which announces the arrival of an artist to be reckoned with.

Laced with addicting progressions, an edgy but soulful vocal approach, and plenty of country undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative folk anthems.

The first single, “Dead and Lonely”, pulls you in with its infectious guitar work, followed by its bopping rhythm and huge swinging chorus. Most important is the songs ability to build and breathe as it plays on.